The 8th International Cultural Festival Held

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On October 19, the 8th International Cultural Festival was held in the Yan’an Road Campus. Students from 30 countries around the world set up their own culture exhibition stands at the festival. More than 1000 teachers, students and alumni from home and abroad gathered together to experience various cultures and celebrate the 68th birthday of our university. Vice President Fengling Qing attended the festival and made a speech. Teachers of International Cultural Exchange School, alumni and students participated in the activities.


At the opening ceremony, Fengling Qing welcomed all the guests and alumni to attend the International Cultural Festival. He said that it was the 68th anniversary of the founding of our university, and we were proud that we had elite and talented graduates all over the world. In 2018, the total number of our international students was more than 4800, ranking 10th in the country, which was a great attraction of our university. International student education of our university was closely related to the discipline characteristics, contributing to the cooperation and development of global textile and clothing industry, and the construction of “The Belt and Road Initiative” and the textile community with a shared future for mankind. Over the years, our university had attached great importance to the education and management of international students, and had taken attracting and cultivating excellent international students as an important part of the construction of “Double World Class” Project.


(Various performance and activities)


International students, dressed in national festival costumes, enthusiastically displayed costumes, photos, food and handicrafts in front of their own booths, providing a chance of feeling the customs of five continents without going out of the university—Mongolian archery and wrestling of grassland style, passionate Tajikistan dance, appetizing Seychelles grilled fish, Malaysian snacks, Mexican tortillas, Pakistani milk tea, Indian jewelry, Iranian tapestry, Vietnamese Bamboo Dance, and so on. Teachers, Chinese and international students, and alumni with camera in hand lingered at dazzling booths, listening to Chinese with foreign accent. Here, language, skin color, nationality and age are not barriers to communication. Instead, the world's colorful cultures blend in Donghua campus with a smile, a hug and a photo. Students dressed in traditional costumes of different countries appeared, and brought a wonderful fashion show, pushing the atmosphere to a climax. At the same time, performers from all over the world presented the most wonderful programs of their own nation on the stage in the middle of the playground. While watching joyfully, the audience couldn't help joining the dancing on the stage. The playground became extremely lively.


Bohong Gu, dean of International Cultural Exchange School, awarded the representatives of international students the honorary certificate of “Cultural Ambassador” on site. Binrong Li, secretary of the general Party branch of Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (SCF), awarded the international alumni the honorary certificate.


It is understood that the 1st International Cultural Festival was held in 2007, and this year is the 8th. At present, the International Cultural Festival held every two years has become an important activity for students from all over the world to display their own culture, strengthen cross-cultural communication, and create an international campus atmosphere. It has become a cultural festival that Chinese and international students are eagerly looking forward to.