Center for Advanced Low-dimension Materials hosts 2019 CALM Exploration Session & Summer Camp

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From July 8 to 17, the 2019 CALM Exploration Session & Summer Camp was held by the Center for Advanced Low-dimension Materials (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”) on the Songjiang Campus of Donghua University. Academician Cheng Zhengdi, Director and Chief Scientist of the Center, together with 15 young and middle-aged scholars and 8 international academic and industrial experts gave lectures, counseling or exchanges to nearly 140 trainees, including students from Fudan University, Renmin University of China, Nanjing University and Donghua University and technical talents of enterprises.

(Academician Cheng Zhengdi shares his experience on scientific research)

2019 CALM Exploration Session optimizes the postgraduate courses in materials from the perspectives of curriculum setting, teaching content, teaching methods, and training of students’ thinking in scientific research, aiming to promote interdisciplinary development and effective sharing of high-quality teaching resources, and explore a new model of training outstanding postgraduates. The 10-day training includes 9 courses of three modules, namely Basic Theory of Physical Chemistry, Chemical Precision Synthesis Strategy and High-End Applications of Low-Dimension Materials. The teaching content covers academic frontier, basic theory, experimental skills, industrial applications, etc. The trainers include Dr. Cheng Zhengdi, an academician of the US National Academy of Engineering, Dr. Bernard Lotz, a researcher at the French Academia Sinica and scientist of polymer crystallization, Dr. Zhu Lei, a professor at Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Hong Wei, a professor at Hokkaido University and Southern University of Science and Technology, Dr. Zhang Wenbin, a professor at Peking University, Dr. Zhang Dong from Akron Polymer Systems, Inc., Inc., Dr. Jin Yan and Dr. Liang Songmiao from Vontron Membrane Co., Ltd., and Dr. Li Bin from Dow Chemical Company. Besides, the young and middle-aged scholars introduced by the Center from Princeton University, Yale University, and California Institute of Technology acted as assistants to the professors, and were involved in the group discussions of trainees.

At the Summer Camp, the two-day arrangements, including Face to Face with Academician, Introduction to Research Platforms and Research Groups, Labs Visit, ‘CALM Exploration Session’ experience, Sharing on Growth, and Trainee Display, enabled trainees to have deep exchanges with Academician Cheng Zhengdi and other scholars, and have an understanding of the research direction, academic characteristics and cultural spirit of the Center.

Participating teachers and students have expressed that the knowledge they have learned is systematic, forward-looking and very practical. Graduate student Li Zheng said, “I feel as if I am in the ocean of knowledge, constantly deriving spiritual food.” Graduate student Hu Mengjie said that the instructions of academic masters have allowed me to have a deeper understanding of polymers as well as academics and life. Postdoctor Song Guangliang said, “trainers of high-end application modules are all celebrities in the relevant fields, and their instructions enable me to have an in-depth understanding about the ideas of product research and development in the industry, which is of great benefit to my research.” Zhang Shaohu, an off-campus trainee, expressed thanks to the Center for the meticulous organization and enthusiastic guidance

(Academician Cheng Zhengdi talks with the trainees and teachers & students of the Center)

Academician Cheng Zhengdi shared his insights gained from more than 30 years of research in the CALM Exploration Session. He stressed that the new generation of scholars should keep expanding the extension and connotation of research and suggested that they should proactively participate in academic discussions, thus stimulating the inspiration in scientific research.  Besides, he expressed the hope that the Center will better serve the national strategy and industry needs by focusing on the research of key fields such as structure and performance of low-dimension materials, and the students can bind their destiny with the social development and study for the nation and the people.

According to Professor Yang Shuguang, the Academic Deputy Director of the Center and the person in charge of the event, relying on the advantages of the Center, the courses and exchanges have enabled teachers and students to truly experience academic frontiers and feel the scientific spirit. The Center will continue to optimize such events, thus creating a platform of far-reaching significance for talent cultivation and academic exchanges.