Signing Up for Donghua University Advanced Seminars for Textile Industry International Cooperation in Production Capacity

Release time:2016-11-28Publisher:宋玮

In the past half a century educational course, grounded in textile and apparel industry, Donghua university has developed into a well-coordinated multidiscipline national key university with its own feature. At present, China is in urgent need of International Cooperation in Production Capacity. In line with national strategy of One Belt One Road, textile will bear the brunt of it, providing cultural and technical support for the external development of textile related enterprises, setting up cultural exchange and information communication channels. With support from the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (listed in the government's fiscal budget), Donghua University plans to hold the first “Advanced Seminar for Textile Industry International Cooperation in Production Capacity” in March 2017 in Shanghai.

We welcome senior management staff in relevant enterprises, government organizations and industry association to participate in the study.

Program Overview:

1. Duration: Mar.10, 2016 –Mar.29, 2016

2. Class size: 20

3. Content: Advanced Seminar for Textile Industry International Cooperation in Production Capacity is composed of four sections, 13 lectures (in English, 4 class hours/time), 5 inner city visit or research, 7 visit or research off Shanghai, and 4 student exchange. In addition, it has opening and completion ceremony at the beginning and end of the program.

4. Accomodation: on-campus hotel, double room

5. Requirements: non-Chinese citizenship in good health; senior management or research staff in foreign enterprises, government organizations, association etc.

6. Fees: cost in tuition, accommodation, catering and activities will be covered in the program(paid by Shanghai government). Trainees need to bear the round trip travelling expenses on their own.

7. How to Apply: application form should be filled by enterprise or other institutes and sent to International Cultural Exchange School of Donghua University. Admission Notice will be issued once application passes university’s review.

8. Contact person: Ms. Joyce CHE, tel: 62378595-17, email:

9. Application deadline: Dec.12, 2016