List of Master's Degree Programs (2017)
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Yan’an Road Campus


Fashion & Art Design Institute

l Artistic Theory

l Design Studies

l Fashion Design & Engineering

l Fine Arts


School of Business & Management

l International Business (English-taught)

l Accounting

l Business Administration

l Finance

l Industrial Economics

l International Trade

l Management Science & Engineering

l Statistics

l Technology Economy & Management

l Tourism Management

l World Economy



SongJiang Campus


College of Textile Science

l Textile Engineering (English-taught)

l Ancient Textile Material & Technology

l Digital Textile Engineering

l Non-woven Materials & Engineering

l Textile Biomaterials & Technology

l Textile Composites Materials

l Textile Engineering

l Textile Materials & Textiles Design


College of Material Science & Engineering

l Material Procession Engineering (English-taught)

l Biological & Biomimetic Materials

l Functional & Intelligent Materials

l Material Physics & Chemistry

l Material Procession Engineering

l Material Science

l Nano Fibers & Hybrid Materials

College of Mechanical Engineering

l Mechanical Engineering

College of Information Science & Technology

l Information & Communication Engineering (English-taught)

l Power Electronics & Power Transmission (English-taught)

l Control Science & Engineering

l Information & Communication Engineering

l Power Electronics & Power Transmission,


College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology

l Chemistry Engineering & Technology (English-taught)

l Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

l Biomedical Engineering

l Chemistry

l Chemistry Engineering & Technology

l Textile Chemistry & Dyeing & Finishing Engineering


School of Environmental Science and Engineering

l Environmental Engineering(English-taught)

l Environmental Biotechnology

l Environmental Engineering

l Environmental Science

l Heat, Gas, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning Engineering

l Thermopower Engineering


School of Computer Science & Engineering

l Computer Science & Technology (English-taught)

l Computer Science and Technology

l Software Engineering


College of Science


Optical Engineering

l Physics

l Solid Mechanics

College of Humanities

l Administrative Management

l Chinese History

l History of Science & Technology

College of Foreign Language

l Linguistics of Foreign Languages & Applied Linguistics

l Translation (Chinese-Japanese)

College of Marxism

l Marxism Theory