Senegal alumnus Assane visits DHU

Publisher:钱玲丽Release time:2019-07-27Browse the number:226

       On July 17, Qiu Gao, Vice President of Donghua University (DHU), met with Senegal alumnus Assane Mbengue and his wife Tabara Ndoye on the Yan’an Road campus of DHU. The heads of Development & Liaison Office and International Cultural Exchange School and teachers who once taught the two alumni were present at the meeting.

President Qiu extended a warm welcome to Assane and his wife, and then introduced the recent developments of DHU to them. According to him, DHU has trained nearly 40,000 international students since 1954 when it began to recruit international students. As an outstanding representative of the alumni, Assane has made great achievements in his work after returning to homeland from China. Not only has he contributed to his country, but he has made efforts to the establishment of diplomatic relations and joint building of the Belt and Road between China and Serbia. Over the years, he has also funded more than 10 Senegalese youths to study in China and offered assistance to the Senegalese students who studied in China about employment. Qiu Gao praised the achievements Assane has made and encouraged him to make greater contributions to the creation of a community of shared future for mankind. He also invited Assane to share his experience with the African students studying at DHU.

Assane recalled his school life and entrepreneurial experience. In 1983, he finished his undergraduate study from the Printing and Dyeing Department of DHU. In 1990, his wife Tabara also studied Chinese language at DHU for one year. He returned to Senegal after graduation. After a period of training and preparation, he began to import textiles from China to Senegal in 1993. In 1996, he established a fishery company and expanded the business to foreign markets such as China, South Korea, Japan and Singapore. In 2000, he initiated the establishment of an investment company with businesses covering agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing in a number of countries in West Africa. In this July, his company signed a cooperation agreement with the China National Corporation for Overseas Economic Cooperation concerning introduction of Chinese capital and technology into Senegal, aiming to build quality houses to improve living conditions and promote economic development of Senegal. In addition, with the support of Assane, his daughter also studied in China and earned a doctorate.

Finally, Qiu Gao wore the alumnus badge for Assane and Assane presented a West African tapestry culture to the Alma mater.