Admissions Guide for International Students

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As early as 1954, Donghua University commenced to accept international students who were among the first group of overseas students enrolled by Chinese universities. In 2002, International Cultural Exchange School was established, taking full responsibilities of the recruitment, cultivation and management of the international students. Thereafter, international student education has developed by leaps and bounds, and for several successive year, its scale’s growth ranks top among the higher education institutions all over the country. In 2015, 4760 international students from 137 countries studied at Donghua University. This population ranks No. 5  in Shanghai and No.12 in China.

Almost all the degree programs of DHU are open to the international students. In recent years, DHU also sets up English-taught degree programs: 5 undergraduate programs majored in the field of business and design; 8 master’s programs majored in the field of Textile, Material, Chemistry, Computer, Information, Environment and Business. Almost all the doctoral programs can be instructed in English as well. Besides, non-degree programs such as Chinese language programs and a variety of short-term programs are available to the international students.

Chinese Language Programs

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Chinese Language Programs (Long-term, Vacation)

Degree Programs

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1.Postgraduate Programs

Recommended Programs: English-taught Master's Programs (Textile, Material, Chemistry, Computer, Information, Environment and Business)

2. Undergraduate Programs

Recommended Programs:

(1) Bachelor's Program in Chinese  Language

(2) CIP:  English-taught Bachelor Program in Business (Business Administration,  International Trade, Marketing)

(3) SCF:  English-taught Bachelor Program in Design (Fashion and Accessory Design,  Environment Design)

University Foundation Programs

University  Foundation Program for English-taught Busniess Degree Programs


1. Chinese Government Scholarships (for degree programs and Chinese language programs)

2. Shanghai Government Scholarships (for degree programs)

3. Confucius Institute Scholarship (for Chinese language programs)