International Academic Forum of “Theoretical and Practical Innovation of Prosumption in the Background of Sharing Economy” Held in DHU

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    On October 28, the International Forum of “Theoretical and Practical Innovation of Prosumption in the Background of Sharing Economy” sponsored by Donghua University was held at Yan’an Road Campus. In the forum, the participants analyzed the theoretical and practical development of prosumption in recent years from the perspective of discipline map, profoundly discussed its current status, characteristics, genre, magnum opus, frontier theory and future development trend, and outlined the basic blueprint for the discipline development, serving as a beneficial reference for future discipline development.

   2016“共享经济下的产消融合理论与实践创新” 国际学术论坛在校召开-1


  Vice President Liu Chunhong attended the forum and delivered a speech. Besides, prestigious scholars and officials from Graduate Division, Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, International Exchange School as well as International Cooperation Office were also present at the forum.  

  Liu Chunhong extended a warm welcome to the participating experts and representatives. She briefly introduced the basic situation and development of Donghua University and expounded the significance of the progress of sharing economy for today’s world, especially China. In addition, she expressed the hope that the scholars would have an in-depth exchange of academic views and take this as opportunity to enhance mutual cooperation and communication, working together to promote the greater progress of research on sharing economy.

   Several prestigious scholars made profound exchanges in respect of the theory & practice of sharing economy and analysis and elaboration in relation to building and propelling the development strategy of global sharing economy, and offered suggestions to China’s growth of sharing economy.  


  2016“共享经济下的产消融合理论与实践创新” 国际学术论坛在校召开-2


  As the keynote speaker of this forum, Professor George Ritzer from University of Maryland delivered a report themedProsumption: Evolution or Revolution?, in which he stated that research into the model of sharing economy is of vital importance to the future development of human society. He pointed out, “the real sharing economy should not be aimed at seeking profits. Whereas once a corporation is involved in sharing economy, it will take profitability into account; therefore the mode of Uber belongs to pseudo model of sharing economy while reciprocity-based carpooling of consumers is approximate to the real sharing economy.”


2016“共享经济下的产消融合理论与实践创新” 国际学术论坛在校召开-3


   Paul Matthyssens, Dean of Antwerp Management School, put forward that the core challenge of innovation lies in how to gather different interest participants into an industrial ecological system. It’s necessary to push a shared value creation system. Idea itself cannot change the industry, but innovative mind plus entrepreneurship of venturing and being able to transform the system can make it.

   According to the research from DHU research team of sharing economy, the economic activities in current Internet market are driven by exchanging and sharing and in future market activities, exchanging behavior based on commodity trading and logistics network will be gradually replaced by that based on information sharing and network sharing. “Sharing economy” will be the real mainstream for future development of Internet economy.

   This international forum offers a platform for exchange and communication of domestic and international experts and scholars in the field of sharing economy as well as managers of sharing enterprises, propels the development of research in relevant academic areas, and further strengthens the influence of Donghua University in the research of sharing economy, functioning as a reference for boosting China’s “Internet+” strategy and strategy of economic development driven by originality & innovation.