Works of teachers from Fashion • Art Design Institute invited to participate in exhibition in Kyrgyzstan

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    The Silk Road is a common mark of China and Kyrgyzstan, and art and design are the common bonds of civilizations. On June 9, the “Design China • Silk Road Language of Flowers” Exhibition was opened at the Assangbayi Cultural and Art Center in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Roza Otunbayeva, Former President of Kyrghyzstan, and Wang Xiaohui, Executive Deputy Head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, attended the opening ceremony. Shen Chen, an associate professor of the School of Fashion and Art Design and designer in textile art, showed his works on invitation.



(Opening ceremony)



Prof. Shen Chen introduces his works


40 sets of costumes, 40 sets of porcelain, enamel ware and 10 sets of textile fabrics were displayed in the exhibition. The 7 sets of Shen Chen’s fabric works themed with “Silk Road Language of Flowers – When Peony Meets Honeysuckle Flower” represent the seasonal landscape of regions along the Silk Road in a poetic way. Among them, the work “When Peony Meets Honeysuckle Flower” adopts plain crepe stain to depict an innovative image of peonies from Luo Yang in Central China intertwine with honeysuckle flowers common in the Middle East and central Asia. The work “Blue Sea, Blue Sky, Sayram” portrays the vast landscape of rivers and lakes along the Silk Road.



(“When Peony Meets Honeysuckle Flower by Shen Chen)



(“Blue Sea, Blue Sky, Sayram by Shen Chen)


The exhibition enriches the spiritual life of the people of all ethnic groups along the Silk Road through narrating stories in the form of exquisite silk and porcelain. The achievements of New China in artistic design arouse resonance of Chinese culture and Kyrgyz culture.