Research results of DHU published in "Advanced Science"

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    Recently, two new research results of Donghua University (DHU) were published in Advanced Science, an internationally renowned academic journal.

The research team led by professor Zhu Limin has made new progress in the field of cancer theranostics, which has been published online with the title of “A Multifunctional Biodegradable Nanocomposite for Cancer Theranostics” (DOI: 10.1002/advs.201802001). The first completion unit is DHU. The first author is Wu Jianrong, a doctoral student of the College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology of DHU, while the corresponding authors are professor Zhu Limin and Dr. Tang Ranran from Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University.


(ICG/PFP@HMOP-PEG Synthesis of multifunctional theranostic nanoplatform and theranostic applications)

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The nanofiber research team led by Academician Yu Jianyong and Researcher Ding Bin of the Innovation Center for Textile Science and Technology of DHU has made important progress in the research of elastic tissue engineering scaffolds constructed from inorganic nanofibers, which has been published in Advanced Functional Materials, titled “3D Superelastic Scaffolds Constructed from Flexible Inorganic Nanofibers with Self-fitting Capability and Tailorable Gradient for Bone Regeneration” (2019, 1901407). The first author of the paper is Wang Lihuan, a doctoral student at the College of Textiles of DHU, while the corresponding authors are researchers Ding Bin and Li Xiaoran from DHU.


(Scaffolds constructed from flexible SiO₂ nanofibers and SiO₂ NF-CS 3D fibers)

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