How to Apply

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For Fall Intake

For Spring Intake

Application Deadline

June 30

December 30

Start of Semester

End of August or Beginning of September

End of February or Beginning of March, next year

End of Semester

Beginning of January, next year

Beginning of July, next year


Entry Requirements

1. Complete High School or received equivalent diploma

2. Aged 16 to 35, has no Chinese citizenship

3. Students from Non-English speaking countries with minimum IELTS score of 4.5 or equivalent *

*Student with no IETLS or other equivalent English proficiency report could take the tests designed by university. Students with IETLS overall band 5.5 or equivalent may join the second semester directly.


How to apply

    1. Complete online application form on Program Category: University Foundation Program; Upload your ID photo and a photocopy of your valid passport. If you are not in your home country at application stage, your currently valid visa in that country is also required.

    2. Copy of official high school diploma and transcripts. Notarized translated copies are required if the original copies are not in English or Chinese.

    3. IELTS overall band 4.5 or above or other equivalent English certificate.

    4. Pay application fee: CNY 600 (non-refundable).


Progression and Completion

    1. Semester 1 students are expected to pass internal exam and be between IELTS overall band 5 and 5.5 in order to be progressed to Semester 2.

    2. Students who pass all the required courses of Semester 2 will receive UFP Completion Certificate and reference letter from instructors. Students who have received conditional acceptance of CIP can start their undergraduate study after the completion of UFP.