Fees and Scholarships

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Tuition Fee

Courses covered by tuition

Elective Course Fee


CNY 20,000*

7 required courses

CNY 850/credit for additional elective courses


CNY 20,000*

7 required courses + up to 6 credits

elective courses

* No tuition deduction for student who have Math or Computer course exempted. But students can choose one elective course for free instead.


1. Our UFP is probably one of the most affordable compared to those offered in Shanghai or other traditional university cities. In addition, students shall receive a CNY 2,000 tuition waiver for further degree study at CIP.   

2. On top of that, students with excellent academic performance will be awarded up to CNY 6,000 Outstanding Student Scholarship (tuition waiver for further degree study at CIP).


Living Expense:

On-campus Dorm (per semester, approx. 140 days)

A.Single Room: CNY 13,300

B.Double Room: CNY 7,000

C.Multiple Room (shared by 3-4 students): CNY 4,900

Internet Access (per month): CNY 70


Living off Campus (per month): The actual rent varies depending on area.

One-bedroom Apartment: approx. CNY 3,500

Two-bedroom Apartment: approx. CNY 5,000


Basic Living Costs*(per month): approx. CNY 3,500

*This expense includes meals on campus, laundry, local transportation, life necessities, etc.



All the fees must be paid online or directly to ICES. Tuition of one semester or one year must be paid in one lump sum.



Application fee is non-refundable (unless UFP is not going to be open). No matter one attends the class or not, tuition will be refunded 50% if one quits school within the first week, and there is no tuition will be refunded from the second week.