Teaching Objective

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Language Skills

Listening: be familiar with the features of academic lectures; be able to identify main and supporting points; and take effective notes.

Speaking: take an active part in group discussion; and prepare, and deliver an oral presentation.

Reading: engage with a range of introductory level academic texts on a variety of topics. And be familiar with a range of academic text types; develop comprehension at paragraph, and sentence level; apply effective reading strategies; develop awareness of intertextuality; and take effective notes.

Writing: produce written work which is well-organized, relevant, and makes use of appropriate terminology and academic style.




Academic Skills

1. Identify problems, apply knowledge and skills in finding solutions and evaluate these solutions.

2. Interpret and analyze a range of information beyond mere description.

3. Make good use of IT as required (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, email and the internet).

4. Work as a member of a team by cooperating with others, negotiating, listening to others in the group, sharing responsibilities/tasks and meeting deadlines.