Why study with us ?

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UFP offers a unique pathway to English taught Business degree programs in China’s most exciting and international city, Shanghai.

UFP gives students the skills that will help them succeed at university level, so it is also open to students who plan to study non-business degrees or at other universities.

U FP core courses consist of English for Academic Purposes, Computing, and Mathematics. Students who wish to study a business degree can also take electives in Business and Economics. The course of IELTS Exam Skills is offered for students who want to maintain a range of options for their future studies.



Shanghai——Your Pathway to China and the World   

Shanghai is known as one of the safest and most dynamic cosmopolitan cities in China, Asia and the world. Being one of the most rapidly growing global cities and home of many multinational companies and financial institutions, it is striving towards the goal of developing into China’s center of international economy, finance, trade and logistics, etc. Shanghai is the ideal city to get access to business opportunities with China, Asia or the rest of the world.

Shanghai is perceived to be the most foreigner-friendly city in mainland China, where expatriates and international students can easily find their compatriots and meet elites from all over the world. In 2015, over 55,000 international students from nearly 200 countries chose Shanghai as their destination of oversea study. Shanghai, with one of the best education in China, provides students with high-quality education, multicultural environment, worldwide connections, exceptional student experience and bright job prospects.


Superior Location

Our Foundation Program is taught at Yan’an Road Campus situated in the middle of downtown area of Shanghai, which is next to Hongqiao Development Zone, a commercial area centered by foreign trade companies, headquarters of multinational firms and organizations, foreign consulates, exhibition venues, and high-rise office buildings. Banks, shopping malls, supermarkets, post offices, fitness centers, hospitals and pharmacies are within walking distance. Sitting in the transportation hub, the campus is surrounded by over 20 bus lines and 2 metro lines leading to various places in Shanghai.


International Accreditation

Donghua University (DHU) is a state-key university under the direct management of Ministry of Education of China. It is one of the only 5 Shanghai universities ranked top 500 of Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2016. The degree qualifications awarded by DHU are internationally recognized. Graduates further their study in leading universities in Europe and Austria, etc. Donghua University is also IELTS and HSK test centers.


Global Learning Environment

Donghua University had around 5000 international students from 140 countries with a good distribution of continents. Our dedicated faculty members are world citizens with a good mix of the eastern and western academe background bringing you a wealth of knowledge and perspectives from different nations. The global learning environment will enhance your inter-cultural skills and help you build up a global network of friends, which will certainly benefit your future career development.


Pathway to Degree Programs

A successful completion of UFP can exempt student from the English entry requirement of English-taught Bachelor’s programs in business offered by Center of International Programs (CIP). The credits of the non-lingual elective courses can be transferred directly when students further their degree study at CIP. The language and academic skills developed through our Foundation Program provide students with a smooth transition to English-mediate undergraduate study in universities elsewhere.


Personal Support and Tutoring

The size of class is from minimum 10 to maximum 25 to make sure each student is given enough attention and personalized teaching method. Additional support classes will be arranged to offer vocabulary, discussion and reading materials on relevant topics to ensure students have a better understanding of the knowledge delivered in regular English and academic classes.


Dedicated Administration Office

We have a dedicated administration office – a place where you can go to find friendly faces, someone who knows your name and is there to help you with any problems you have. All the staff speak fluent English and majority of them had experience studying or living overseas. We know what you may go through and will make your transition to life in here as smooth as possible.