Li Brocade Fashion debuts at Fiji Fashion Week

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On May 24, the workstation of Donghua University (DHU) in Baoting, Hainan Province released “Li Brocade Fashion” of this season at Fiji Fashion Week. Themed with “Regeneration”, the 15 sets of Li Brocade Fashion works feature the incorporation of traditional elements and modern design. The show, supported and funded by the Hainan Provincial Tourism, Culture, Radio and Television Department, B&R International Cooperation Research Center for Textile Industry, and the Confucius Institute at the University of the South Pacific, is a highlight of the 2019 China-Fiji textile and apparel exchanges. As the largest gathering in Fiji's fashion industry, the Fiji Fashion Week has been held for 12 consecutive years. Of great influence in the Pacific, it aims to provide a platform for showing fashion around the world and create opportunities for exchanges. During the fashion week, more than 50 designers from Fiji, China, India, Australia, Vietnam and other countries, presented a wonderful fashion feast that combines the style of tropical island countries with modern design concepts, presenting a colorful and vibrant Fiji.

(DHU Li Brocade Fashion at the Fiji Fashion Week)

As the earliest cotton textile made in China, Li Brocade has gone through 3,000 years and is called “a living fossil” in the history of Chinese textiles. It is characterized by exquisite craftsmanship, unique weaving, dyeing and embroidering techniques, bright and coordinated colors, and vivid patterns of birds & beasts, flowers & grasses and characters. The Li Brocade design patterns at the fashion week are full of visual impact, coupled with variable fashion silhouette, elegant or exaggerated, ancient and stylish, which fully demonstrated the creative talents of DHU new designers.

Representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Fiji and Fijian government officials were present and extended congratulations. The Fiji side expressed the hope that DHU strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Fiji, and bring more distinguished fashion styles to Fiji. The Li Brocade fashion won the praise of nearly 100 Fiji local celebrities, media and fashion authorities, and aroused strong interest of many merchants.

(Professor Chen Bin and representatives of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji and Fijian government officials)

Professor Chen Bin of DHU accepted an interview from Fiji media. He believed that the fashion show was quite rewarding. The deep cooperation between DHU and Intangible Cultural Heritage Base in Baoting, Hannan enables the presentation of traditional Chinese fashion culture in a modern way, which perfectly displays the Li Brocade skills and culture and is beneficial to promote the inheritance, development and innovation of Li Brocade, while creating new business opportunities for Li Brocade.