Review: The 25th International Fashion Forum of Shanghai International Fashion Cultural Festival &7 the 18th Greater Donghua Fashion Week

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Opening Ceremony

On April 14, the opening ceremony of the 25th International Fashion Forum of Shanghai International Fashion Cultural Festival & the 18th Greater Donghua Fashion Week (hereinafter referred to as “Greater Donghua Fashion Week”) was held at the Yan’an Road Campus of Donghua University. Ruan Li, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Zhong Xiaomin, Deputy Governor of Changning District, and Chen Nanliang, Vice President of Donghua University, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. The guests attending the opening ceremony also include Tan Anci, Deputy Secretary General of China National Garment Association, Wei Yi, Director of Cooperation and Exchange Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and other representatives from the government, Tibet and Yunnan offices in Shanghai, partner universities, enterprises, institutions and relevant functional departments and colleges of our university.

Ruan Li, on behalf of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, extended congratulations on the opening of the Greater Donghua Fashion Week. He said that the Commission will support and strengthen the cooperation with Donghua University in four aspects, namely Shanghai Service, Shanghai Manufacturing, Shanghai Shopping and Shanghai Culture as always, thus further promoting the development of fashion and creative industries.

Zhong Xiaomin, on behalf of Changning District Committee and Government, said that as Donghua University acts as an important partner of Changning District in implementing the development strategy of fashion industry and promoting the Hongqiao Cluster of Fashion and Creative Industries, it is hoped that the two sides will deepen the cooperation on the basis of complementary advantages, and inspire new kinetic energy, thus serving the higher degree of integration in Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta region.

Chen Nanliang stated that the Greater Donghua Fashion Week has become an important platform for fashion creative professionals to exchange ideas, promote originality, inherit culture, boost brands and build Shanghai into an international fashion capital. According to him, Donghua University will continue to expand its services to the construction of Hongqiao Cluster of Fashion and Creative Industries, and make unremitting efforts for the development of fashion and creative industries and the building of Shanghai into an international fashion capital.

(Leaders, Ruan Li, Zhong Xiaomin, Chen Nanliang, Tan Anci and Wei Yi, cut the ribbon to start the event)

(Opening ceremony)

A show of technology Qipao was performed in the opening ceremony, representing the dense fashion and cultural atmosphere as well as the trend of integrating technology and fashion.

(Technology Qipao – luminous Qipao)

Four Sections

The Greater Donghua Fashion Week is composed of four sections: Shanghai Forum, Shanghai Exhibition, Shanghai Show and Shanghai Innovation, reflecting the themes such as national unity, contemporary Chinese style and Shanghai fashion trend.

Multi-ethnic elemental costume unveiled in the Greater Donghua Fashion Week

On April 14 and 15, the show of multi-ethnic elemental costume was held next to the ancient building of Raffles City Changning, which gathered teachers and students from Tibet University, Inner Mongolia Normal University, Inner Mongolia Arts University and Guizhou Minzu University.

The traditional Tibetan costumes exhibited by Tibet University, 60 sets of “Modern Mongolian Costumes” from Inner Mongolia Normal University, 56 sets of works filled with distinctive ethnic and regional characteristics in Inner Mongolia brought by Inner Mongolia Arts University, and the original ecological costumes of ethnic minorities in the Miao, Buyi, Dong, Shui and Yi regions presented by Guizhou Minzu University were unveiled in the show.

(The show)

In the forum themed Inheritance and Innovation of National Costume Culture on the same day, representatives from Donghua University and scholars from those universities for nationalities had an in-depth discussion concerning the inheritance and innovation of national costume culture. It’s the first time for such a large-scale show of multi-ethnic costumes and forum to be held since the establishment of Greater Donghua Fashion Week.

(The forum)

7 top Chinese designers interpret “Chinese Fashion Style”

On April 17, the serial event of “Fashion Design Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Style (II)” and “The Tao of Clothing - Fashion Design Construction of Contemporary Chinese Style” seminar were held in the Shanghai Museum of Textile and Costume.

The seven most authoritative, typical and representative Chinese designers in today's Chinese fashion design, Zhang Zhaoda, Wu Haiyan, Chen Wen, Zhao Huizhou, Chen Yehuai, Cheng Yingfen, and Qu Tingnan, interpreted “China Chic” with 43 sets of distinctive Chinese-style design works.

(By Zhang Zhaoda)

(By Wu Haiyan)

(By Chen Wen)

(By Cheng Yingfen)

What is China Chic? How does Chinese design reflect oriental aesthetics? ...... In the seminar themed “The Tao of Clothing”, fashion designers, together with experts in academia or industries, had talks around “China Chic”, enabling the more than 200 Donghua students to have a deep understanding of the cultural implications and artistic expression of Chinese style.

Like Chinese culture, Chinese clothing has always been a vivid and lively ecosystem that exhales the old and inhales the new. Fashion is a symbol of culture and a microcosm of society,” said Bian Xiangyang, Curator of Shanghai Museum of Textile and Costume. He added, “The new era requires us to strengthen the excavation and elucidation of China's outstanding traditional culture, and to adapt the most basic meme of the Chinese nation to contemporary culture, so as to create the new China chic.”

Study of Shanghai Style Fashion Trends first published in Shanghai

On April 17, Study of Shanghai Style Fashion Trends, the “National Publishing Fund Project”, was first published at the Fifth International Publishing Forum for Research of Textile and Fashion. The monograph was published by Donghua University Press after five years of compilation.

As the first monograph that systematically studies Shanghai style fashion trends in China, its publication fills in the gap of accurately predicting Shanghai fashion trends through innovative means such as application of multi-disciplinary knowledge system, embodying important academic value and practical significance.

(The book)

(The forum)

2019 International Fashion Innovation Forum held in Donghua University

On April 18, the 2019 International Fashion Innovation Forum was opened at the Yan'an Road Campus of Donghua University. This forum is themed Fashion Innovation and Development of Fashion Industry. Qiu Gao, Vice President of Donghua University, and Ni Yangsheng, President of China Textile and Apparel Education Association, attended the opening ceremony.

Qiu Gao, on behalf of Donghua University, expressed congratulations on the opening of the forum. He also thanked the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and the Changning District People's Government for their strong support. Ni Yangsheng read the Proposal of the Fashion Innovation Education Alliance.

(Qiu Gao delivers a speech)

(Ni Yangsheng delivers a speech)

The International Fashion Innovation Forum is established to gather premium resources in the fields of education, enterprises and capital at home and abroad, and provide a stage for collision of ideas and mutual benefit.  

Other activities during the Greater Donghua Fashion week include creative fair, Dreaming Entrepreneur Student Show, 2019 “VGRASS·DHU” 13th Draping Contest, YKK·DHU Graduate Fashion Design Contest, 2019 Graduation Show of Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation, and Show of Continuing Education College, etc., which highlighted the nurturing tradition of the fashion week.

Closing Ceremony

On April 17, Zhu Min, Party Secretary of Donghua University, announced the closing of the 18th Greater Donghua Fashion Week at the event of China Chic.

(Zhu Min announces the closing)