Cooperation agreement on sustainable fashion innovation signed between Donghua and AUAS

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On January 11, a cooperation framework agreement on sustainable fashion innovation was entered into between Donghua University and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) at Yan'an Road Campus. Qiu Gao, Vice President of Donghua University, Remco van Wijngaarden, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai, Leslie Holden, Dean of the Amsterdam School of Fashion and Director of Fashion Design Department at AUAS, and Natalie Brandt-Keogh, International Development Adviser of AUAS, attended the signing ceremony, accompanied by relevant officials from the International Cooperation Office and Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation of Donghua University.

(Signing ceremony)

President Qiu Gao expressed his sincere welcome to the visiting delegation from the Netherlands and also his gratitude to the arrival of Remco van Wijngaarden. He said that in today's world, green, intelligence, environmental protection has become a vital trend in the transformation and upgrading of the modern textile and costume industry. In terms of higher education of international textile and costume, Donghua University features the teaching of whole industry chain that covers materials, weaving, dyeing and finishing, design, development and marketing, which provides a complete guarantee for the teaching and research of sustainable fashion design. He hopes that the two universities will cooperate closely in innovation, research and teaching of sustainable fashion, and build an international cooperation platform of sustainable fashion, thus promoting the sustainable fashion innovation of China and the Netherlands as well as the sustainable development of both sides.

According to Remco van Wijngaarden, the Dutch government and universities attach great importance to the development of sustainable fashion. The Consulate of the Netherlands in Shanghai also supports the development and education of sustainable fashion. He expressed the hope that the two universities can cooperate in research, teaching, teacher-student exchanges to promote the development of sustainable fashion between the two countries.

After the signing ceremony, Leslie Holden introduced the innovative teaching practices of Amsterdam School of Fashion in sustainable fashion, and fashion innovation & entrepreneurship, and expressed willingness to work with the relevant schools of Donghua University to promote research and teaching cooperation in this field.

(Teacher-student exchanges)

Leslie Holden and his entourage then had a discussion with teachers and students of the Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation and visited the teaching facilities of the college, highly praising its schooling philosophy.

The Netherlands, at the confluence of land and sea of “The Belt and Road”, is an important partner of China in Europe. Dutch design is unique in the international design arena for its emphasis on conceptual experimentation, and process and collaboration of design. AUAS is a renowned innovative research university in the Netherlands, and the open, innovative and sustainable fashion education of its Amsterdam School of Fashion enjoys a high reputation in the circle of global fashion education.