Donghua co-hosts 2nd China-Europe International Scientific Optics and Optometry Conference

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On February 20, the China-Europe International Scientific Optics and Optometry Conference was held in Shanghai. Jointly sponsored by the China National Inspection & Testing Center for Ophthalmic Optic Glass and Enamel Products (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”), Essilor International Group and Carl Zeiss AG, the Conference is themed “Research and Development Trend of Advanced Processing Technology for Spectacle Lenses”, gathering nearly 180 people, including industry leaders and elites, representatives of national and local optometric and optical associations, and senior professors. Chen Nanliang, Vice President of Donghua University, attended the Conference and delivered a speech. Jiang Weizhong, Director of the Center, acted as the chair.

Chen Nanliang first, on behalf of the university, expressed a warm welcome to the guests and also thanks to relevant units for their support. He said that the Center of Donghua University has been committed to the standardization in optometric and optical technology at home and abroad and actively contributed to the internationalization of China’s spectacle standards for several years. The Center has long focused on the industry trends and developments in the field of optics and optometry, and has carried out research on testing new technologies and methods relying on talents and disciplinary advantages, thereby improving the scientific value and quality of spectacle products, and promoting innovation and progress in the spectacle industry. He hopes to absorb the advantages of all sides at home and abroad through the Conference to jointly promote the innovation and development of the optometric and optical industry.

Mr. Timo C. Kratzer, Chairman of the International Technical Committee for Standardization of Ophthalmic Optics and Instruments, on behalf of the International Optics and Optometry ISO organization, extended thanks for being invited to this Conference. He said that since the promotion and development in Europe in 2000, the free forming processing technology has become the mainstream of processing and forming technology in the spectacle industry. In order to enable consumers to have better customized experience, in addition to advanced processing technology, it is also necessary to develop related lens processing and calculation software and optometry devices. He shared the status quo and future trend of advanced processing technology of spectacles with experts and scholars, hoping to cooperate with Chinese side to determine the future direction of optometric and optical standardization.

Dai Weiping, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Optometric & Optical Association, delivered a speech on behalf of the industry authorities, pointing out that we must adhere to the innovation-driven, quality-first, green-development, structural-optimization, and talent-oriented principles, and promote a new round of structural transformation and improvement of manufacturing technology in the spectacle industry, thus contributing to the transformation of China from a manufacturing power to a great manufacturing power.

(Participating leaders and reporting experts)

Well-known experts and scholars at the Conference made academic reports on topics such as the design of free-form lens products, customization of key technologies, process detection, research on color-changing lens, lens development trends and had active discussions. Participants also shared the new ideas, new progress, new technologies and new management concepts of the optometric and optical industry.


(At the Conference)