Professor Li Zhengren gives a report on “how to apply for a job in an international organization”

Publisher:陶琦Release time:2019-03-28Browse the number:233

On March 26, the Student Employment Service Center and the International Cooperation Office of Donghua University invited Professor Li Zhengren, Executive Dean of the Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation of Shanghai International Studies University, to give a lecture themed “how to apply for a job in an international organization”.

Based on his work experience, Professor Li introduced the requirements of international organizations for language proficiency, the three core values and the eight core competencies required of international organizations. Taking the United Nations as an example, he explained the basic conditions and ways of entering international organizations such as the United Nations for internship. He also gave advices on interview skills and professional orientation in international organizations. The lecture covers all aspects of applying for a job in international organizations, interspersed with Li’s 34 years of experience and story in the United Nations. Furthermore, Li also discussed with the relevant officials of Donghua regarding the selection of students for internship in international organizations.

Before the lecture, Yan Jun, Director of the Student Employment Service Center, presented Professor Li with a letter of appointment as a senior consultant for internship in international organizations, aiming to enhance the capabilities of Donghua students to intern in international organizations and get involved in global governance.

Li Zhengren, who joined the UN translation work in 1984, was the former Chief, Interpretation Service, United Nations Office at Geneva, and is currently serving as judge of UN Chinese Interpretation Examination, judge of EU English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation Scholarship and Chairman of the Standing Committee of UN Appeals Tribunal.