Donghua students win Honorary Award of Organizing Committee at Cracow Fashion Week

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On March 9, students Meng Qingyao, Sun Huaiqun and Yang Mengtong, postgraduates of Fashion Design at the Fashion • Art Design Institute of Donghua University, won the Honorary Award of Organizing Committee at the Cracow Fashion Week Emerging Designer Competition held in Poland.

Cracow is a historical city of Poland with profound culture and also a fashion capital known as the center of neo-Bohemian influence. First founded in 2010, the Cracow Fashion Week is held by the municipal government of Cracow every March. It is a splendid event of creative designs, featuring such activities as Emerging Designers Competition, Fashion Photography Exhibition, Creative Jewelry Design Exhibition, and Refashioning Show and gathering apparel professionals, media and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world.

It’s the second time for Professor Chen Bin from the Fashion • Art Design Institute to lead students to participate in the competition. He, together with designers and stylists from Britain, Italy, U.S., Canada and the Netherlands, acted as a judge of the competition.

Meng Qingyao presented her work “Beautiful Truma”, a collection of her own brand, which is inspired by the daily life of workers and incorporates elements such as graffiti and decals.

(Beautiful Truma by Meng Qingyao)

Sun Huaiqun’s design work Prelude to Water Melody” is inspired by the female role in Chinese opera. She abstracts the dancing posture and swinging sleeves of the role into Chinese ink paintings, and borrows the makeup of the role for the color. This series characterized by traditional Chinese elements aroused great interest of the media, which conducted an interview with her.

(Prelude to Water Melody by Sun Huaiqun)

(Sun Huaiqun in an interview)

The design work “Under the Microscope” by Yang mengtong is inspired by the biology courses. The perspective of the microscope enables people to see some elements different from daily life, entering a magical “micro world”. The colorful rough knitting lines show roughness and enthusiasm.

(Under the Microscope by Yang mengtong)

As a member of the innovative talent team of the Fashion • Art Design Institute, Professor Chen Bin has in recent years led students to participate in a number of international fashion events and design competitions, achieving series of results. The emerging designers of Donghua are increasingly adaptive to the international fashion arena, and have gained a broad international vision and acclaim of the international fashion world.