Results of “Donghua Emerging Designer” Support Program Shown at Shanghai Fashion Week

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The 2019 “Emerging Donghua” fashion show of Fashion • Art Design Institute of Donghua University (hereinafter referred to as “Institute”) was held at the 800 Show in Jing’an District as part of Shanghai Fashion Week on March 30. It is the 4th consecutive year for the results of “Donghua Emerging Designer” Support Program to be shown at the Shanghai Fashion Week. The gold winner will represent Donghua to attend the London Graduate Fashion Week in June. Relevant leaders, teachers and students of the Institute were present at the show.

The show featured 54 sets of works by emerging designers, which stood out from nearly 200 groups of graduation design works from three majors, namely Fashion and Costume Design, Fashion and Costume Design (China-Sino Program) and Fashion Design and Engineering. All works are independent and original from art to craft, materials to technology, and design to engineering, and conception to finished product, reflecting the talents and cross-disciplinary innovations of the graduating young designers, as well as their spirit of craftsmanship in pursuit of perfection.

The emerging designers are bold in attempt and innovation, trying to establish their own distinct fashion languages, which are exaggerated, or romantic, or grotesque, or complicated. For example, some of the works express respect and love for traditional culture by combining traditional craftsmanship techniques with modern cutting techniques; some designers employ unique fabric language, structural features and styles to reproduce the fashion tastes of the old times based on their own growth environment and experience; while some other works deliver the designers’ value appeal and inner monologue through reconstruction and restructuring of different fabric textures in an exaggerated and ingenious manner. All these works fully show the fashion design style under the game and integration of the eastern and western costume culture, and reveal The Times perception and thinking of the new designers on the art design.

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