Greater Donghua Fashion Week|2nd International Forum on Textile &Apparel Research and Publication held at DHU

Publisher:陈盟盟Release time:2016-05-18Browse the number:68

    On April 20, the opening ceremony of 2nd International Forum on Textile &Apparel Research and Publication, hosted by the International Fashion Forum of 2016 Shanghai International Fashion Cultural Festival & Greater Donghua Fashion Week and organized by Donghua University Press and “Textile &Apparel Research and PublicationCenter” under Shanghai Academic (Professional) Publication Center, was held at Yan’an Road campus. The General Secretary of Party Zhu Min, along with Xu Jiong, Director General of Shanghai Press &. Publication Bureau, Chen Mao, Associate Inspector of Department of Social Sciences under the Ministry of Education, Yuan Wen, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission,PengWeiguo, Deputy Director General of Shanghai Press &. Publication Bureau, Ni Yangsheng, President of China Textile and Apparel Education Society and other officials from Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee as well as Shanghai Publication Association, attended the ceremony. Vice President Li Yongzhi presided over the opening ceremony.   

  Zhu Min expressed gratitude to leaders, experts and scholars from circles of education, publication, press, cultural relic and enterprise on behalf of DHU and paid respects to authors and staff that have devoted themselves to the construction and development of Donghua University Press. He hoped that Donghua University Press will firmly adhere to the road of “Special, Elaborative, Characteristic and Innovative”development, constantly deepen the institutional reform of enterprises, endeavor to explore the business model of books in the digital age and strengthen the construction of “Textile & Apparel Research and Publication Center” in accordance with the principle of Guidance on Further Strengthening and Improving Universities’Publishing Work issued by Ministry of Education and State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.

    Xu Jiong, on behalf of Shanghai Press &. Publication Bureau, congratulated the forum’s success and fully affirmed the exploration and achievements made by Donghua University Press in insisting on the road of professional, academic, characteristic publication. He said, Shanghai Press &. Publication Bureau will continue to support the development of Donghua University Press and “Textile & Apparel Research and Publication Center,” actively assist the incorporation of excellent manuscripts including major scientific research achievements into national press fund projects and Project of Shanghai Universities Serving National Major Strategic Publishing.

    Yuan Wen interpreted the significance of “International Forum on Textile & Apparel Research and Publication” from the four functions of college talent cultivation, scientific research, social services and cultural inheritance & innovation, and recommended that Donghua University Press enhance the exploration in discipline development and cultural exchange and output, so as to constantly promotethe endogenous impetus and development competitiveness.


     Ni Yangsheng highly praised Donghua University Press for its contributions to the talent cultivation in the field of textile and apparel. He also hoped that the Press will comply with nation’s development strategy as well as the overall progress of the textile industry to strengthen the academic research &publication of textile & apparel andimprove teaching material construction of talents cultivation in all fields at all levels and skill training, endeavoring to become the core base of Chinese professional textile & apparel publication.

    Besides, Chen Mao, Peng Weiguo, Zhao Feng and many other experts delivered wonderful reports based on the theme of “One Belt One Road·Integrative Development·Research& Publication.”

    The Academic Expert Appointment Ceremony for “Textile & Apparel Research and Publication Center” and Starting Ceremony for 2017/2018 AW Shanghai Fashion Trend were also held during the forum.

    In recent years, Donghua University Press has made great efforts to push forward internationalization and digital construction. Currently, in accordance with the construction objects of DHU and Shanghai Press &. Publication Bureau, the press attaches great importance to the “Three Ones Project,” i.e. one characteristic publishing forum, one platform for “digital publication at the core of textile & apparel” and one special major project with “fashion trend” as the core competitiveness, assisting DHU’s high-level characteristic university construction and the development of Chinese fashion culture.