Talent-Spot Group Asia

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Talent-Spot Group Asia 

Talent Spot is a HR solutions provider with direct presence in 6 countries within the Asia Pacific region – China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. We offer a wide platform of HR   services to our clients catering to more than 100 cities across China.

Our branch offices provide HR solutions such as recruitment process outsourcing, on-site management recruitment, executive search and selection, HR & payroll outsourcing, business process outsourcing, contract outsourcing, temporary/contract staff dispatch and engineering & maintenance outsourcing to multinational companies across China as well as Asia Pacific.

招聘岗位 Job Description: 

1、Full time

2、Meeting with potential customers

3、Keeping good relations with existing customers

岗位要求 Job Requirements: 

1、Registered DHU degree students. No working experience required (the successful candidate will get a special training)

2、Fluent English and good Chinese (other language knowledge is a plus) 

3、After 3 months internship, the company may provide a job and handle the work permit in China.

所需人数 Required Number: 

3-4 persons

企业地址 Company Address: 


Floor 11, Building A, 726 Yan'an Road West, Shanghai

企业联系人 Contact Info 

Name: James Gu

Phone number:13585959560 



注意 Notice

 ⚫ 根据中国相关签证规定,持有居留许可(学习)的留学生不得进行有偿工作。According to the Chinese law,Residence Permit (study) holdersare not allowed to do any paid job.

⚫ 实习,是指本科生和研究生按照学校教学计划组织实施的,不获取任何劳动报酬(车贴、餐贴除外)的活动。Foreign students doing off campus practical internships, which refers toundergraduates and postgraduates'activities practiced outside school according to the school’s curriculum, shall not receive any remuneration (except car, meal allowance).

⚫ 外国留学生进行校外实习前,必须先至111办公室办理居留许可实习信息加注手续。Before doing off campus practical internships, foreign students should go to office 111 first toadd the internship information to the Residence Permits.