Recruitment Information from Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Asia

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Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Asia 


Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Asia was established in January 2015 in Mexico City and has more than 680 thousand cooperative members. It mainly serves Chinese and Mexican enterprises, individuals, and other organizations to promote the cooperationbetween China and Mexico in the fields of trade, culture, technology, education, tourism, etc.

招聘岗位 Job Description: 

1、Be able to design and work on flyers, internet marketing works. Wechat, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter acct.

2、Working on contacting members, holding events and organizing activities with embassies and consulate generals from different countries in Shanghai and Beijing. 

岗位要求 Job Requirements: 

1、Registered DHU degree students. Good interpersonal and communication skills.

2、Spanish and English language speaking required. Know art and graphic design. CD, PS software.

3、This is a non paid internship. Interns could choose the working hours.

所需人数 Required Number: 

2-3 persons



Rm. 511, Block A, Gate 8,  National Exhibition Centre, No.1988 Zhuguang Road, Shanghai

企业联系人Contact Info 

Name: Candice

Phone number:13482786886, 60483551

注意 Notice

1、根据中国相关签证规定,持有居留许可(学习)的留学生不得进行有偿工作。According to the Chinese law,Residence Permit (study) holdersare not allowed to do any paid job.

2、实习,是指本科生和研究生按照学校教学计划组织实施的,不获取任何劳动报酬(车贴、餐贴除外)的活动。Foreign students doing off campus practical internships, which refers toundergraduates and postgraduates'activities practiced outside school according to the school’s curriculum, shall not receive any remuneration (except car, meal allowance).

3、外国留学生进行校外实习前,必须先至111办公室办理居留许可实习信息加注手续。Before doing off campus practical internships, foreign students should go to office 111 first toadd the internship information to the Residence Permits.