Seven DHU majors listed into national first-class undergraduate disciplines

Release time:2021-03-04Publisher:钱玲丽

Recently, seven majors of our university have been listed by the Ministry of Education into the 2020 national first-class undergraduate disciplines. They are: mathematics and applied mathematics, applied chemistry, industrial design, inorganic non-metallic materials engineering, construction environment and energy application engineering, non-woven materials and engineering, and environmental design. DHU now boasts a total of 18 such majors, accounting for 32.14% of all programs that are enrolling students, manifesting the achievement we’ve made in improving our programs.






Mathematics and applied mathematics


Chemistry & Biotechnology

Applied chemistry


Mechanical Engineering

Industrial design


Material Science & Engineering

Inorganic non-metallic materials engineering


Environmental Science & Engineering

Construction environment and energy application engineering


Textile Science

Non-woven materials and engineering


Fashion & Art Design

Environmental design

In recent years, DHU has been continuously pushing forward the mechanism and institutional innovation and creating a talent-cultivation system which is highly open, deeply integrated, diversified and coordinated, effective and adaptable. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the university will fully implement the outcome-based education concept to make more efforts in professional certification and the construction of new engineering, new agriculture, and new liberal arts. It will further optimize the training programs for undergraduate professional talents so as to discover students’ speciality and fulfill their potential, greatly improving the university’s talent cultivation.