Vice President: Chen Ge

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Dr. Ge Chen, Professor and VP of Donghua University, Shanghai, China




Dr. Chen, male, was born in 1967. He is a professor, doctoral student supervisor, member of CPC Party Committee and VP of Donghua University, Shanghai, China.


He obtained his first degree in Textile Machinery from Zhenzhou Textile Institute, China in 1988 and was offered a teaching position by the same university the same year. His Master's Degree was in Machinery Designing and Theories, acquired from China Textile University in 1998. He went on to get his PhD Degree in Machinery Designing and Theories from Donghua University in 2001 and has since started to teach there. He was seconded to work in the Department of Science and Technology of the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) 2002 - 2003 and did post-doctoral research in Georgia Institute of Technology, the U.S. 2005-2006. Positions he has served in Donghua University at various times since 2001 include Assistant to the Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Party Secretary and later, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, and currently, Vice President of the university.


Dr. Chen has received a fellowship from the Shanghai Outstanding Leader in Technological Research Program and the Jiangsu Provincial Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents Program. His social commitments include VP of China Committee for Standardization of Textile Machinery, President of Textile Equipment Subcommittee of Teaching Guidance Committee (Textile Category), MOE, member of Standing Committee of China Association of Textile Machinery, member of Committee for Teaching of Machinery Designing, Manufacturing and Automation, China Association for Machinery Industry Education, member of Shanghai Society for Mechanical Engineering, member of Shanghai Research Society for Modern Laws on Designing, member of Editorial Board of Textile Accessories magazine, Deputy Director of Editorial Board of China Industrial Designing Blue Paper 2014, and Deputy Director of Editorial Board of China Innovative Designing Blue Paper 2015.


Dr. Chen's areas of research interests include: Machinery Designing and Theories, New Textile Machinery, and Electro-Mechanical Integration Technology. The various fellowships, funding and honors he has secured over the years include: National Natural Science Foundation projects, MOM-Funded Key Projects fellowship, Shanghai Science and Technology Development Program projects, and Shanghai Outstanding Leader in Science and Technology Research Program projects. He has also been given the following major prizes or awards: second prize in Teaching Outcome, 2015, by China Textile Industry Association, second prize for Science and Technology Progress, 2013, by China Machinery Industry Association, second prize for Science and Technology Progress, 2012, by China Textile Industry Association, Excellent Research Publication Award, 2011 and 2012, by China Society for Textile Engineering, Provincial and Ministerial Level Excellent Textbook Award, 2010, Excellent Project Award, 2005, National Textile Center, USA. He compiled textbooks including Textile Machinery, Introducing Textile Machinery, and Textile Machinery Designing. He also authored two specialized monographs: Insight into the American Automobile Culture and A Guide to New University Students.