DHU Leads Compulsory National Standard GB 4544-2020 “Beer Bottles”

Release time:2021-01-22Publisher:钱玲丽

According to the announcement of the Standardization Administration of State Administration for Market Regulation, the compulsory national standard GB 4544-2020 “Beer Bottles” Led by DHU issued on July 23, 2020, will be carried out formally on August 1, 2021.

The national standard GB 4544-2020 “Beer Bottles” is a revision of the original standard. Its implementation will provide quality control basis for the production of thin-walled and light-weight beer bottles. The energy-saving products will not only reduce cost, save energy and protect environment, but also have important social significance and provide technical support for the industry to realize its sound development.

As the responsible unit of the Secretariat of the National Technical Committee on Domestic Glass of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC377), DHU is the counterpart of ISO/TC63 of the International Organization for Standardization. It helps the Organization for Standardization play its role and perform its functions actively. After comprehensively understanding the technical status, the latest scientific and technological information, and the development trend in this field, the staff overcame the biggest technical obstacles to the establishment and drafting of the compulsory national standard, which enabled the standard to be established and issued.

It is learnt that this is an important compulsory national standard led by DHU in the domestic glass field, which enhances DHU’s voice and influence in the formulation of glass-related international standards, and promotes the development of the industry towards the direction of energy conservation and environment protection.