Graduation Ceremony of 2020 International Students Held

Release time:2021-01-20Publisher:钱玲丽

On January 14, the graduation ceremony of 2020 international students of DHU was held in Yan’an Road Campus. A total of 43 doctors, masters and undergraduates from 18 countries completed their studies. They would say goodbye to their Alma Mater and start a new journey of life. Vice President Qing Fengling attended the ceremony. 15 graduates attended the ceremony on site, while 28 graduates attended through the Internet.

(Qing Fengling addressing graduates)

Qing Fengling affectionately delivered message to all the graduates, and awarded the graduation certificate and degree to the graduates on site. Qing expressed his warm congratulations to the graduates from all over the world and said, “COVID-19 epidemic now becomes the common enemy of all mankind and our lives are interconnected and interdependent as we all live on the same planet. So, we shall work together toward a community with a shared future for mankind. You may have some regrets about the last period of study in DHU due to the epidemic, but regrets lead to hope. I expected that international students would return to their hometown or leave for every corner of the world with what they had learned in DHU, to create and write a new chapter of their life.”

(Representatives of teachers and graduates delivering speeches)

Tan Wen, director of the Chinese Language Department, affectionately delivered message to the graduates. She encouraged them and said, “We worked hard for the same goal in 2020 and here we reach the ending point which can also be regarded as the beginning. No matter how to choose, you will have a more realistic life in the near future. If you want to achieve more, please maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. Moreover, DHU will always be your strong backing.”

Anthony (Australia), an undergraduate of International Business, Li Zhongjun (Thailand), an undergraduate of Chinese Language, Ji Meng (Colombia), a doctor of Business Administration and Meng Wangshu (Pakistan), a doctor of Textile Engineering, made speeches in succession to thank their old school and teachers for the cultivation, and recalled the wonderful moments of university life. They said that during their studies at DHU, they learned the Chinese way of learning: diligent, hardworking, exploring, united, and self-driven.

(Graduates participating in the online ceremony)

Yao Weixin, dean of International Cultural Exchange School, connected with online graduates so as to allow them to take a unique cloud graduation group photo in their own country, and felt the sincere blessing of their Alma Mater. Li Binrong, general branch secretary of the Joint Party, awarded the certificate to outstanding graduates of 2020 international students.