New Book "Cotton Science and Processing Technology" Edited by Professor Wang Hua Published

Release time:2021-01-19Publisher:钱玲丽

The new book Cotton Science and Processing Technology edited by Professor Wang Hua of DHU and Dr. Hafeezullah Memon was published recently. The book summarizes cotton science and the related engineering fields for cotton fiber processing, involving knowledge from genetics, fiber chemistry, soft materials, to textile and fashion engineering, also including the latest applications of biomaterials, nano-coated smart fabrics, functional textiles etc. Moreover, the book introduces major improvements in cotton genetic modification and genetic technology.


The development of the cotton textile industry is closely related to the poverty alleviation for developing countries, and it is also the only gate to development and revitalization for the cotton-producing countries along the "Belt and Road”.This book is edited by Professor Wang Hua of DHU and postdoctoral researcher Hafeezullah Memon of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, with each chapter written by cotton fiber industry experts from 9 countries, which systematically introduces the development and latest achievements of the cotton textile industry. This is a book for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in cotton science and cotton processing technology, researchers who study the latest applications of cotton in various fields, and practitioners who want to quickly learn cotton fiber and its different processing stages.

At the beginning of 2021,the Seminar of the Economic and Trade Cooperation Opportunities and Challenges for the "Belt and Road" International Cotton Textile Industry in the Post-epidemic Era, hosted by the College of Humanities of DHU and the "Belt and Road" Research Center was held in Shanghai Yongao Textile Technology Co., Ltd., including the release ceremony of the new book Cotton Science and Processing Technology. Liu Chenggong, Party Secretary of DHU, and Zhu Beina, Chairperson of China Cotton Textile Industry Association, attended the Seminar and delivered speeches offline/online respectively. Hu Zhengyuan, Director of the China Committee for Strategic Promotion of Constructing An Innovation-Oriented Country, Zhang Xiling, Deputy Director of the Institute of Cotton Research of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wang Hua, Chief Researcher of the B&R International Cooperation Research Center for Textile Industry of DHU, and other internal and external experts delivered keynote speeches at the Seminar.

(The new book is unveiled by Professor Chen Nanliang, Vice President of DHU, Wang Jinhua, Vice Chairman of China Cotton Industry Alliance, and Chairman of Shanghai Yongao Textile Technology Co., Ltd., and Dr. Huang Mengchu, Senior Editor of SN Applied Sciences)

(Group photo of Professor Wang Hua and Dr. Hafeezullah Memon, Editors-in-chief of the new book, and Dr. Huang Mengchu, Senior Editor of SN Applied Sciences)

Professor Wang Hua, Chief Researcher of the B&R International Cooperation Research Center for Textile Industry of DHU, is mainly engaged in the research of “Belt and Road” international capacity cooperation, textile digital printing technology and the world textile intangible cultural heritage. He has been working in the front line of cotton textile, printing and dyeing and wool textile production and international trade for a long time and has rich practical experience in the textile industry. He participated in the cotton textile printing and dyeing project of China's assistance to five West African countries from 2003 to 2004. In 2012, he went to Deakin University in Australia to study wool and cotton fibers as a senior visiting scholar supported by the government. Currently, Professor Wang Hua serves as a Chinese expert member of the Wool Sustainable Development Working Group of the International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO), a member of the Science and Education Committee of the International Silk Union, and presides over 2 joint laboratories and research bases for natural textile fiber and processing in Eurasian countries. The Research Project of Central Asia Investment Environment he participated in won the second prize of China Textile Federation’s Award for Science and Technology Progress in 2019. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, a visiting professor at the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, an honorary professor at the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Tajikistan, and a visiting professor at Wuhan Textile University.

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