DHU 5th International Student’s Chinese Culture Festival Held

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On October 27, DHU 5th International Student’s Chinese Culture Festival was held in Songjiang Campus. Vice President Qing Fengling and representatives of international students and teachers of the International Cultural Exchange School attended the event. This year’s festival consisted of five experience programs: Traditional Chinese Culture, Traditional Chinese Handicrafts, Traditional Chinese Costumes, Traditional Chinese Food, and Traditional Chinese Games, setting booths for archery art, T’ou Hu (an ancient Chinese Pitch-pot Game), ancient costume display and try-on, Chinese shadow puppetry, paper-cutting, sugar painting, and Dragon-phoenix paintings. The event was broadcast live worldwide, allowing the international students who cannot return to campus for the time to experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture online.

(Qing Fengling at the site)

At the opening ceremony, Qing Fengling welcomed teachers and students to participate in the 5th International Student’s Chinese Culture Festival. He said that DHU began recruiting foreign students in 1954, and it has cultivated talents all over the world in the past 66 years. While actively recruiting foreign students, DHU also pays attention to the influence of Chinese culture on international students, advocating “carrying forward traditional Chinese culture and realizing the harmonious blend of Chinese and foreign cultures”. He hopes that international students could learn cultural knowledge in China, know more about Chinese culture, and become the messengers of Chinese and foreign cultures.

During the event, martial arts team and archery arts team gave brilliant performances, drawing bursts of applause, and international students experienced the charm of Chinese Kung Fu. Folk artists on Chinese shadow puppetry, paper-cutting, sugar painting, and Dragon-phoenix painting came to the campus and interacted with international students to let them experience the exquisite craftsmanship of craft artists. Booths for archery, Tou Hu, ancient costumes trying on, and Chinese food tasting were also bustling.

(Site of the event)

DHU has always been committed to improving the training quality for foreign students, centering on the theme of “experience”, and adopting various forms of traditional Chinese cultural education activities, such as setting up lunchtime lecture of Chinese cultural, paying attention to the promotion of traditional festival cultural, organizing “Visiting China” and “Knowing China activities, allowing international students to have an in-depth contact with Chinese enterprises, setting up the “Show you around the world” curriculum together with the affiliated schools, and offering the “Splendid China” lecture series, in order to encourage international students to spread traditional Chinese culture all over the world.