“Let Us Be Friends”--- The Meet-And-Greet of Foreign and Chinese Students Was Held Successfully By Italk

Publisher:宋玮Release time:2015-02-03Browse the number:59

On March, 8th, Italk Language and Culture Exchange Club held the first meet-and-greet of foreign and Chinese students in this semester. With the strong support of ICES and the careful preparation of Language and Cultural Exchange Club, the meet-and-greet attracted nearly one hundred freshmen including students in short-term groups like French classes. Its influence has been acclaimed extensively. 

The meet-and-greet is mainly held in the form of face-to-face communication, offering opportunities for students to express themselves, helping foreign and Chinese students make better communication and understandings in collision of culture and ideas while they are making friends. Interesting games pulled the distance between foreign and Chinese students even closer, made them more tacit with each other and most importantly led to the climax of the meet-and greet.

The meet-and-greet ended with a great success and both foreign and Chinese students reap a rich harvest. It brings a good start for the Italk language and culture exchange activities of this semester.

International students have taken an active part in the activities and have performed vibrantly in face-to-face communications with Chinese students. They are willing to share their culture and amusing experiences and hope to have further communications with Chinese students. In the interacting sections, international students are willing to try and perform well. After the meet-and-greet, some of the newly-made language friends even arrange a tour together around Shanghai at weekends.

This meet-and-greet has finished with a great success. Both Chinese and foreign students have had a wonderful experience, which is a good beginning of Italk Language and Culture Exchange activities in this semester.