Vice President: Liu Chunhong

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Vice President: Liu Chunhong

Liu Chunhong, Female, Han, born in 1969.

Professor of Business and Management, Doctoral Supervisor, Member of CPC Standing Committee of Donghua University (DHU), Vice President.

Education Background: Prof. Liu received her Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in textile machinery from China Textile University (Currently Donghua University) in 1991 and Master of Mechanical Engineering in 1997. She was later conferred a PhD in Business Management by Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2000.

Work Experience: Vice-Director of MBA Education Center(1997-2008), Director of the Department of Finance(2002-2003), Dean of International Cultural Exchange School(2003-2010), Dean of the School of Adult Continuing Education and Online Education. She was promoted to be Vice-President in 2009.

Professional Affiliations: Member of Shanghai Institute of Management Sciences, Standing Vice-Director of Hong Kong- Shanghai Cooperative Learning Expert Committee, Vice President of Shanghai University Association of International Education.

Research interests: Strategy Management, Theories of Leadership and Teamwork.

Academic Achievements: Prof. Liu has published more than 50 academic articles in domestic and international journals in the field of business and administration. She is the co-author of the book The Model of Team Construction—How to Build a Highly Efficient Team in a Chinese Corporation, and a main translator of the book Active Learning: Cooperation in the College Classroom. She was the principal supervisor of the National Science Fund’s project " Theoretical and Empirical Study of Strategic Net banking Decision: Shanghai vs. Hong Kong ", the key project of Shanghai Research on Education “Developmental Strategies of Education on International Students of Shanghai Universities from a Global Perspective”, and the co-investigator of the project " Strategic Responses by Banks in Hong Kong and Shanghai to the Impact of Internet and WTO Entrance " supported by HK university research grants.

International Exchanges: Prof. Liu was the visiting scholar and research assistant in Business School & HK Cooperative Learning Center of Lingnan University (HK) in 2000-2001. She has been to France, Greece, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions for international conferences and investigations.

Honors and Awards: Prof. Liu has been recognized with awards such as “Outstanding Young Teacher of Shanghai” (2008), “Outstanding Staff of National Foreign Students Education” (2009). She was a recipient of the first "President Award" presented by Donghua University in 2008.