IELTS Examiner Trainer Delivers A Lecture at DHU

Publisher:徐晓冬Release time:2018-06-13Browse the number:10

On the evening of May 10, Michael Turnbull, an ELTS (International English Language Testing System) Examiner Trainer from IDP Education, a proud co-owner of IELTS, was invited to give a lecture at Donghua University (DHU). Hosted by the DHU ELTS Test Center, the lecture is aimed to provide targeted and professional guidance to students who intend to take the IELTS test and are actively preparing for overseas exchanges.

Michael Turnbull is an examiner of the Hong Kong IELTS test as well as an expert in training IELTS examiners. In the lecture, Michael gave a lot of practical advice on the listening, speaking, reading and writing of the IELTS test, especially on the writing and speaking. He cited examples concerning the two tasks of writing and explained them in detail. He also shared a video of the IELTS speaking simulation test, using examples to analyze and explain the examiner’s scoring criteria.

At the end of the lecture, six students were selected to conduct speaking simulation test and received one-by-one reviews from Michael, which would help the students to achieve targeted learning and continuous improvement of speaking skills.

(Enthusiastic students were still consulting around Michael about various questions after the event)